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Stem Cell Banking with Icellaré

Why Icellaré

We offer world-class stem cell banking, ensuring the highest quality storage and management for your precious cells.

Unlike some, we employ advanced culturing and rigorous NGS Karyotyping quality control, guaranteeing at least 10 million viable stem cells ready for future use. 


Invest in your well-being – choose the best for a healthier tomorrow.

Banking Procedure


Book a Consultation Appointment.


Specialized Doctor Consulstation


MSCs Stem Cell Collection


MSCs Stem Cell Banking


MSC Stem Cell Therapy

Why Should you Bank your Stem Cells?

Embark on a journey into personalised wellness at Icellaré Lifespan Center, where our cutting-edge MSC Stem Cell Banking offers transformative potential.

Our expert team, led by specialized doctors, guides you in preserving the regenerative power of MSCs sourced from either colecting stem cells from your bone marrow and adipose tissue.

From proactive anti-inflammatory effects to future-proofing cellular function and enhancing aesthetic rejuvenation, our banking services cater to various health needs, including joint health, neurological support, and metabolic health assurance.

Secure your regenerative health today and unlock the full potential of your well-being with MSC Stem Cell Banking at Icellaré. Schedule your consultation now.

Benefits of Stem Cell Banking

Unlock the potential of your own health with autologous stem cell banking.

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Future Potential

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Proactive Health

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Ready Access

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No Risk of Rejection

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Regenerative Benefits

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Multiple Applications

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